Suspended lamps

A company that specializes in design lighting, Murrine, is featured on this page. You can look through a selection of Murrine-designed hung lamps on this page. These lights stand out for their stylish and modern design, which showcases fine craftsmanship and premium materials. The page features a wide selection of hung lamps in a range of designs, sizes, and colors, each with its own special charm. These lighting fixtures offer a sense of style and sophistication to any interior space in addition to providing illumination.

Lamoi Series
Honey Black


From: $267.91

HONEY BLACK EDITION Three strong and decisive yet light and clear glass designs. Blown borosilicate glass, brushedchrome metal rose, power supply unit included. LED module: 5.3 W each, 424 lumen, 3000°K, 500 mA, non-dimmable.



From: $165.03

The Lollipop hanging lamp is a stylish and modern piece of lighting that adds a touch of fun to any room. It has a bold and colorful glass shade with intricate designs that make it look like a lollipop. This eye-catching lamp is hanging from the ceiling and gives off soft, warm light. It is a great way to add a splash of bright color and a bit of fun to your home or office decor.



From: $143.73




From: $183.65

The Samoi suspended lamp is a stylish and modern lighting fixture that adds a touch of elegance to any space. With its sleek design and high-quality materials, this lamp is perfect for illuminating your home or office. Whether hung in a living room or a dining area, the Samoi lamp creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. Its suspended feature adds a visually appealing element, making it a statement piece in any room. Transform your space with the Samoi suspended lamp, and enjoy its soft and ambient lighting.



From: $384.63

The Pom hanging lamp is a stylish piece of lighting that adds a touch of class to any room. This lamp, which was made by Murrine, has a sleek, modern look and is hung. It looks great in both modern and traditional rooms because of its unique shape and high-quality materials. The Pom lamp gives off a warm and welcoming light that is great for eating rooms, living rooms, and even offices. The Pom hanging lamp will make any room look better because of how well it is made and how it is designed.

Caos Contract


From: $266.28

This modular system is available in three sizes: small, medium, large. The system can be connected to the power supply from any rosette. Poetic lines and clean curves create light and harmonious lamps with a black and gold finish and dimmable LEDS controlled by a phase cut dimmer switch. The 220V module supplies power to the lamps to meet every need with regard to appearance and function.



From: $202.29

The X-Ray hanging lamp from Murrine is a modern and stylish piece of lighting. The unique shape of this stylish and modern lamp was inspired by the beauty of X-ray pictures. With its hanging design, it adds a touch of elegance to any room. The lamp was made with care and attention to detail, combining modern style with practicality. Its soft, natural lighting makes it feel warm and welcoming. The X-Ray suspended lamp is perfect for people who want a unique, artistic piece of lighting that adds beauty and charm to their interior design.



From: $102.47

Unique and decorative glass shades. Blown borosilicate glass in four colours: clear, chrome, bronze or gold. Fixture with white decentralisation kit or single drop roses with a white painted finish. G9 connection.



From: $179.68

The Jugen hanging lamp is a beautiful piece of lighting that adds a bit of class to any room. It has a sleek, modern look and is suspended, which makes it a beautiful centerpiece for any room. The lamp is made of high-quality materials and is beautifully made. Its height can be changed so that it fits your wants and preferences. With its soft, warm light, the Jugen hanging lamp makes a cozy atmosphere that works well in both homes and businesses.



From: $201.34

Poetic lines and clean curves create light and harmonious lamps with a black and gold finish and dimmable LEDS controlled by a phase cut dimmer switch.



From: $709.54

The simplest declination of its purest form. A thin, accurate body of metal that accurately describes a perfect circle in space. Inside the circle, a steady stream of light discreetly and steadily illuminates the surroundings. There is also a dimmable version available.



From: $93.17

The Fifty suspended lamp is a modern and stylish light fixture that adds a touch of grace to any room. It is a one-of-a-kind piece with a circular frame and fifty small glass beads hanging from it. When lit, the beautiful murrine design on the pendants makes for a stunning effect. This pendant lamp is great for making a room feel cozier in the living room, dining room, or even the bedroom. Its modern style and high-quality construction make it a statement piece that adds elegance to any room.

The website you gave has an impressive selection of suspended lamps made by Murrine, a renowned manufacturer of design lighting. You are met as you scroll down this page with a variety of beautiful and cutting-edge lighting fixtures that are sure to enhance the ambiance and aesthetic of any room.

One of the first things you notice is how different and distinctive each dangling lamp is. Every item demonstrates Murrine's dedication to pushing the limits of design. This collection has something to fit every taste, whether you're looking for a minimalistic and modern fixture or a more eclectic and artistic style.

In each hung light displayed, the quality and attention to detail are immediately apparent. The talented craftspeople at Murrine use fine materials like glass, metal, and occasionally even unusual ingredients to create captivating forms and designs. Lighting fixtures produced by the imaginative fusion of many textures, hues, and finishes are not only useful but also gorgeous works of art.

This collection's variety of designs further demonstrates Murrine's commitment to giving clients limitless options. These lights accommodate a range of home themes, from sleek and streamlined fixtures that exude an unobtrusive elegance to more elaborate and abstract forms that command attention. Murrine's hung lights naturally compliment and improve any place they adorn, whether it is a modern office setting, a traditional residence, or a contemporary urban loft.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these lighting fixtures are remarkably useful. These lights' suspended design enables a gentle, diffused illumination that gives any space a cozy, welcoming feel. Each piece's strategically positioned light sources cast interesting patterns and shadows in addition to lighting the nearby area, adding to its overall visual appeal.

Each hung lamp is also made with functionality in mind. Murrine promotes user comfort and installation simplicity without sacrificing design or quality. These fixtures not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the room but also give functionality, efficiency, and longevity thanks to the use of adjustable height options, user-friendly mechanisms, and energy-efficient lighting technology.

A plethora of information on each individual suspended light featured is also available on this page. The website gives you the opportunity to thoroughly examine and comprehend the distinctive qualities of each piece, including comprehensive descriptions and specs as well as high-resolution photographs. This in-depth overview of Murrine's products shows the company's dedication to openness and client pleasure.

Finally, the Murrine suspended lamps displayed on this website are examples of innovation, skill, and usability. These lighting fixtures perfectly combine form and function with their alluring designs, high-quality materials, and useful functionality. Murrine's suspended lights offer a seamless fusion of elegance, style, and illumination, whether you are an interior designer, an architect, or a person looking to improve your living or working area.